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Sector Skills Plan

The PSETA’s Skills Planning and Research Department is responsible for skills planning for all public service sector entities falling within the scope of the PSETA, according to the targets set by the NSDS III, which reflect the training and educational needs of the sector.

Furthermore, the Skills Planning & Research department is mandated to develop the Sector Skills Plan based on skills gaps that have been identified in the various departments through research. Skills development operates on a five-year plan. To ensure that the PSETA’s comprehensive skills development plan effectively meet the needs of the sector, research is first undertaken, covering all levels of employment within the sector. In this way, scarce and critical skills shortages are identified.

Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs) and Annual Training Reports (ATRs) completed by government departments and public entities within the public service sector contribute to the compilation of the PSETA’s SSP while also enabling the organisations themselves to identify areas where skills are needed and to plan interventions to fulfil those needs. With this research information, the five-year strategic SSP is developed in collaboration with representatives from the sub-sectors.

Rigorous consultations are regularly carried out with employers to ensure that the five-year plan remains relevant to the needs of the sector throughout the five-year period. If scarce or critical skills are identified, these are addressed in the SSP.

An MIS system allowing the online filing of WSPs and ATRs is being implemented by the PSETA in 2011, which will enable employers to submit their documents to PSETA from their offices. This system will streamline the WSP and ATR processes for employers and is in line with PSETA’s ongoing efforts to improve its levels of customer service.

Conduct research and develop skills development imperatives of the public service, including developing a Sector Skills Plan and Career Guides.

Provide career guidance and labour market information relating to scarce and critical skills needs in the sector.

Provide support and capacity building for SDFs and Training Committees in driving the achievement of NSDS III goals and imperatives in the sector.

Monitor government department’s compliance with regard to the use of the 1% training budget.