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Employers wishing to register learners on a PSETA learnerships are required to submit an Intent to implement a learnership. Employers are also required to complete a workplace vetting form which aims to verify the ability of the workplace to host a specific learnership. The verification includes access to resources related to the learnership, the relevance of the work experience component to the qualification, and the structures in place to ensure successful implementation and completion of the learnership.

Please refer to the table in the next section for full details on PSETA learnerships.

1 Public Administration Practitioner Level 3 21Q210008311313 Level 3 57804
2 Public Administration Level 3 21Q210025361573 Level 3 57804
3 National Certificate in Local Employment and Skills Development Practices Level 4 21Q210005461704 Level 4 23976
4 Human Resources Management and Support Level 4 21Q210014331404 Level 4 49691
5 FETC: Public Admin: Supply Chain Management Level 4 21Q210016261794 Level 4 57824
6 FETC: Public Admin: Supervisor Level 4 21Q210017271774 Level 4 57824
7 Inspection and Enforcement Level 5 21Q210015291405 Level 5 49107
8 National Certificate in Public Administration Level 5 21Q210018371415 Level 5 57824
9 National Diploma: Public Finance Management Administration ( Provincial and National Spheres ) Level 5 21Q210019232825 Level 5 49554
10 National Certificate: Public Administration: Leadership Level 5 21Q210020271875 Level 5 50060
11 National Certificate: Public Administration: Procurement Level 5 21Q210021291875 Level 5 50060
12 Immigration Services Level 5 21Q210023271505 Level 5 66869
13 Immigration Law Enforcement Level 5 21Q210024251205 Level 5 50418
14 National Certificate: Public Finance Management and Administration Level 5 21Q210026222675 Level 5 49554
15 Provisioning Administration Level 5 21Q210011001205 Level 5 24340
16 Immigration Services 21Q210030241205 Level 5 66869
17 Refugee Services 21Q210030241205 Level 5 66869
18 Public Financial Oversight and Accountability 21Q210029111204 Level 6 64670

Public Administration Level 5 (Leadership and Procurement)

Learnership Agreement Registration Procedures


a. Employers Registered with PSETA wishing to implement a PSETA Learnership:

1. Submits an intent to implement a learnership

2. Sign an employment contract with the learner (if the learner was not employed at the time of signing the learnership agreement)

3. Sign a Learnership Agreement with the learner

4. Submit the Learnership Agreement to PSETA together with the following:

  • Copy of the learner’s employment contract
  • Original Certified copy of the learner’s ID document
  • Proof/confirmation of employment status for employed learners

The Learnership Agreement and other supplementary documentation can be accessed under the Downloads section of the website.

Please Note:

1. Learnership regulations require PSETA to make a decision on whether it will register a learnership agreement within 7 days of receipt.

2. Learnership regulations also require PSETA to register the learnership agreement within 21 days of that decision.

3. If the agreement has any outstanding information, the learnership agreement will be returned to the employer, accompanied by a letter indicating reasons for non-registration. The employer may resubmit the learnership agreement, together with all required documentation

4. If all the required documents are attached, PSETA will issue the employer with a Confirmation letter or proof of registration certificate.

b. Employers Registered with PSETA wishing to implement a Learnership from another SETA

1. Contact the SETA to which the learnership belongs to ascertain if the employer fulfils all the requirements to implement the learnership.

2. Submit to PSETA an Intent to implement a learnership belonging to another SETA

3. Complete the PSETA learnership agreement and submit it to PSETA.

4. PSETA will submit a copy of the Learnership Agreement to the respective SETA who will register the learnership and issue the employer with a confirmation letter.